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Real Estate MODO is a full service real estate sales brokerage, focusing exclusively on the niche market of second homes & investment properties in South Carolina. Our concentration and commitment to working with out of market buyers and sellers, and understanding the dynamic needs of such clients is what makes us best suited to deliver the most efficient process throughout the real estate transaction.

Click here to see why our seller’s only pay 4% commission.

Specializing in Second Homes & Investment properties !

There is another BIG difference at MODO that specifically focused on sellers. As you may see and better understand with the short video on this page, we like to say that “we are changing the mode of real estate”. Over the past 10, 20 and even 30 years, almost exclusively the service industries, like financial services, insurance, travel and many others have embraced how technology has made their field more efficient and consequently lowered fees to the end consumer. Real estate has not…but we are changing that at MODO. We know we can deliver the same high quality service to our clients, but at a lower fee than what is traditional. We offer our sellers a 4% listing commission, where the norm is 6%, and we still pay buyer brokers 3%. In a sense we are pulling the curtain back on the real estate industry, in the end, it will benefit our clients in saving money, but not sacrificing service.

Continuing to accentuate our uniqueness when compared to a traditional real estate agency, where they will attempt to be a jack of all trades, assisting buyers and sellers of all classes and styles of real estate, we believe that being an expert and specializing in service and handling of our clients’ needs from afar is the key to maximizing efficiency. Thus, we run our brokerage and train our hand selected agents & staff to understand the professionalism needed for this niche service.

If you are looking at buying or selling a property in the Myrtle Beach and Grand Strand area, I would encourage you to call us for free consultation to see how we can assist you, and to learn how working with a specialist can greatly improve your transaction results.